May 2, 1994

Nortown Air Systems
20 Densley Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6M 2R1

Attention: Mr. Bernie Little, General Manager

Dear Mr. Little:

Re: HVAC Systems – 5080 Commerce Blvd., Mississauga, ON
Thank you! We have put up with continuous inconvenience and frustration with the VAT system since we occupied this building in1987 until Nortown completed the system overhaul last fall.

We are pleased with your work. Staff have not complained about ‘being too hot or too cold’ – and the air quality is better than it was. Additionally, with the installation of the control system for the exterior wall heaters and front lobby heater as recommended, our electricity costs have been reduced. The initiative to correct the installation and control system for the humidifier is also appreciated. I must commend Clive Hylton for his knowledge of the system and commitment to making sure the system functions properly.

Accordingly, we were pleased to enter into an ongoing maintenance agreement with Nortown and look forward to many years of this continuing relationship. In fact, I would be pleased to confirm our satisfaction to others should you need this reference.

Yours very truly,


Karl A. Reichert, P. Eng. Vice President & Manager, Ontario Region

*The above is the complete text of the reference letter dated May 2, 1994. For a copy of the original, please contact Nortown Air