In 2001, we are proudly celebrating our 45th anniversary as heating and air conditioning contractors spanning five decades and four generations as a family business. If you take a close look at Nortown Air, you will see quality service, design and installation through the use of innovative technology and superior training Nortown Air specializes in the engineering and installation of heating and air conditioning systems for retrofitting of existing buildings or new construction.
Our service technicians are well trained in the highly sophisticated equipment of today. We strive to provide superior design, installation and service.

Our staff is the driving force that keeps us competitive. We continually strive to give every employee the tools they need to better serve the customer. This means updating computer systems to run more efficiently and utilizing state-of-the-art communication systems for immediate contact with our technicians. These are important tools and they enable us to provide unparalleled customer service. We must be innovative in our thinking and continuously develop new ways to better serve our customer.