October 23, 1997

Nortown Air
49 Densley Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6M 2P5

Attention: Mr. Bernie Little, General Manager

Dear Bernie:

As I was preparing to write this letter, I recalled our meeting in September 1996 to discuss your proposal for correcting a problem with a HVAC system at our R&D offices and laboratories in Toronto.

During our meeting you showed me a couple of letters from satisfied customers and secured my promise that if we were satisfied with the new system you were to install I owed you a letter.

It is a year since Nortown Air installed the new HVAC system using V V T, Variable Volume and Temperature design. After a short, initial debugging period, we managed to go through the winter and summer seasons without any complaints from employees at this location. What a change in the life of management personnel reesponsible for performance of the building facilities!

The configuration of our building, with large windows on the west, south and east sides, as well as offices and laboratories located in the middle of the building without any windows, created a real problem for a “typical-unconventional” solution for our cooling and heating problems. Additional complications came from the air return system designed and built under the old building code. Therefore any upgrade of these systems had to be done to satisfy new regulations resulting in a large part of the cash outlay being spent on taking out the “old” air return system and replacing it with new ducting, eventually doing the same job.

The Nortown Air solution to our problem was the introduction of the V V T system concept of a number of separate zones for the west, south, east building sides with large windows and additional zones for the windowless areas in the center of the building. Each zone was equipped with a zone sensor connected to two York “EZ Zone” micro processor master controllers to maintain a desired temperature independently selected by employees located in each zone using their own thermostat. Even if the description of the system sounds complicated, in a working environment, this system design provides an unexpected degree of year round comfort in each zone, as selected by an employee in that particular zone regardless of the situation in the neighbouring zone and without overheating or overcooling of the building.

All of this was done with minimum work interruptions to our company and with a cash outlay more than competitive with “standard” but unsatisfactory quotes from other companies.

Certainly, as we went through the winter and summer since the installation we had a few minor problems. The excellent service response from your knowledgeable technical staff was another pleasant surprise. It is a very comforting thjought for us to know that if anything happens in the future, the help from qualified and well trained Nortown personnel is instantly available.

We are looking forward to working with you on incoming future projects.

Thanks for a job well done!

W. Keefe, Acting Facilities Manager
S. Snaidr, Director New Product Technical Development.

*The above is the complete text of the reference letter dated October 23, 1997. For a copy of the original, please contact Nortown Air