July 22, 1997

Mr. Bernie Little
Nortown Air
49 Densley Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6M 2P5

Dear Mr. Little:

Re: Kitchen Exhaust & Air Conditioning
I can’t thank you enough for solving our air systems problems. But, thank you very much!!!

Two other repair companies were in on at least four service calls ($100-$200 invoices each time), one who changed the air conditioner compressor for the second time ($1500 labour, and thankfullt the equipment was still under warranty) without solving the underlying problems, and another who advised that we needed $8000 worth of equipment to fix the kitchen exhaust system. I called in a third company for another opinion, and was quoted $9600 for the necessarty equipment.

With steam cleaning, a few hours of “trained, knowledgeable” labour and a few parts, everything seems now to be working just fine, through some of the warmest weather of the season. And while we still have our several year old equipment, it appears we are a long way from having to purchase new, thank goodness.

I am enclosing a cheque to cover your payment in full, what I consider money well spent. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated. From here on, I’m your #1 fan.

Yours very truly,

Judi Singleton, Controller

*The above is the complete text of the reference letter dated July 22, 1997. For a copy of the original, please contact Nortown Air